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​Join the BARN CREW 

The BARN CREW is our team of volunteers who work directly with the animals. They help with vetting, cleaning, feeding, and socializing.  Volunteers are a huge part of what keeps us going year round. We currently meet on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm. Follow along on Facebook for updates and cancellations. 

The volunteers of the Barn Crew have the unique opportunity to learn about the different animals living in the barn, each with their own personalities and quirks. Volunteers are welcome to bring friends and family to visit the animals they support. We also host  private holiday events just for volunteers and sponsors.

We usually spend about an hour on a big project, and then some time doing minor things around the barn, taking donkeys for walk, cleaning cages, feeding chores, refilling water, trimming bunny nails, etc. Spending time with the animals is very important for their socialization and care.

No prior experience is needed. We'll get you comfortable with the animals and tools we use. Barn Crew are not required to attend weekly, but we do appreciate a consistent crew.

Petting Donkey
Each member of the Barn crew got to choose names for the baby goats born this spring. As part of the team, volunteers are often asked to provide input on things going on in the barn. It's such a fun community to be a part of!
​​Help make a difference!
Group Volunteer Opportunities 

Youth groups, clubs, scouts, colleague team building, families:

To schedule a group volunteer date on weekends or evenings, contact Lizzie at

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