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Tabby Cat

Sunny is one of the original barn cats. She has been here since the very beginning of Finny Mini Farm. Shortly after moving here, she was run over by a gravel truck. We took her to the vet, expecting to have to put her down. She was not in good shape, dragging her back half and meowing in distress.

When we arrived at the vet, her injuries were many: dislocated hip, broken pelvis, dislocated knee, and so on. But during the examination, the vet commented on how much she was purring. That's when we realized she had spinal cord damage. Pain meds, house rest, and many months later, she learned how to walk again. She did not want to be in the house, and kept escaping back to the barn. Eventually we let her move back into the barn. Now she wanders the farm, climbs up into the loft, and hangs out in the trees. She develops calluses on her feet that we keep a close eye on. Overall, she is a typical cat and occasionally appears for pets. She enjoys being held like a baby and talked to.

Sunny does walk differently, but she isn't struggling or in pain. She's got a love for life and wants to be here.

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