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Lucy Donkey

Standard Donkey

Lucy Donkey was a guardian over cows for most of her life. We call her Lucy Donkey as if it is her full name because we also have Lucy the goat.

After her original owners passed away, Lucy Donk was taken in by a family friend. Her diet consisted mostly of alfalfa, which is very fattening for donkeys. Extra weight in donkeys can cause a condition called broken crest, where her neck ligaments stretch out and her mane flops over to one side. The condition is not reversible, so she will always have a floppy neck. However, we are working on exercising and feeding low calorie donkey-quality hay to help her get to a healthy condition.

Socially, Lucy is the sweetest soul in the barnyard. She loves to stand next to people and lean on them. She makes it very clear that she wants attention. Back scratches are her favorite. She can be a bit stubborn when it is time to go for a walk, and she ometimes lays down in reisitance. She is the true boss of the boys and makes it known when she doesn't want to be bothered. Her best buddy is Paco and the two are basically glued at the hip.

We love Lucy's gentle personality and her squeaky heehaw.

Lucy Donkey
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