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Rambouillet Sheep

A few years ago, this funny guy rode for hours in the back of the minivan to get to the farm. We always say Clyde has such a big personality, and no manners.

Every morning he greets us with a big loud Baaaa. His hobbies include eating, thinking about eating, laying in front of his fan, and eating. His favorite food is carrots, but honestly he would eat anything. And he'll push past anyone to get to the yummies! Animal crackers are his favorite treat, but he's on a diet, so we limit those!

When he moved here, he was the only sheep. We expected him to bond to the goats, a similar species, but Clyde immediately began hanging out with the donkeys. We called him the white donkey that year. He joined their gang and went everywhere with them, whether they liked it or not.

Clyde has many scars and a growth on his side, [named Edgar by the shearer.] He has always been taken care of, and was never abused or neglected. He has earned the nickname "village idiot" by getting himself into dangerous shenanigans: Starting his wool on fire under a goat lamp, getting his ear torn while stealing pig food, ripping his other ear tag off in a fence, getting his head stuck in a bucket (while, yet again, stealing food.) The gal who raised him as a lamb even told us about some of his other scars. This guy's got 9 lives. We try our best to keep Clyde safe from himself.

I'm so glad we took in Clyde and made such a great friendship with his previous owner a fellow animal lover with such a heart! Next time you're at the farm, take a look at this silly guy and ask about some of his stories. We love to share!

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