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Captain Hook

Tabby Cat

Captain Hook was born with a club foot. His leg bone is shortened and at a 90 degree angle. He has only 3 toes and one empty toe pocket on that foot. Hook came to the farm after his previous farm surrendered him. They were worried that he would struggle with his limb difference. Hook may walk differently, but he doesn't even notice that he is different. He climbs trees, the ladder to the loft, and even hunts. Hook's best friend is Meeko. They are often seen walking together with Meeko's tail curled over Hook's shoulder. Best buds! They spend half their time in the house and the other half outside or in the barn. Hook is a couch potato lately and loves to sleep on his back with his little feet curled up on his belly. He is the sweetest kitty and makes me smile everytime I see him.

Captain Hook
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