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Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Oh Blu. Where do we begin?

Blu came to the farm as a bottle kid. He has had about every problem imaginable for a goat. It's almost like he is flipping through pages in the Goat Health book and randomly selecting his next issue. Blu roams the farm because fences are simply his door to the outside. Blu thinks Tuni the pig exists only to help him over the fence. Blu goes where he wants and does what he wants. He has cheated death so many times, we just let him do his thing.

Blu is missing one horn. He turned into a unicorn after being hit by a car. He also has some neck issues from all his shenanigans. We try our best to keep Blu safe from himself, but this guy wakes up looking for trouble.

We joke about Blu and his problems a lot, but he is a very special little guy. His personality is a lot like Finny's was. He is bonded to people rather than goats. And he was even attacked by the same dog, (and lived!) He greets Mama with a hum and a headbutt every day since he was a kid. We hope Blu will bond to the goats someday, but if he doesn't, we'll love him just the same.

Let Blu's story remind you to:

Drive slowly and carefully on any farm.

Always check under your vehicle before taking off.

Keep an eye out for free-ranging animals on private property.

Keep full control over your dogs, or leave them safely at home. (Visitors' dogs are not allowed at Finny Mini Farm.)

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