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Mini Horse

In 2021, we brought home two very scared ponies in the back of the minivan. We had no idea their ages, their history, or even their names. They both had bad teeth, rotten overgrown hooves, matted manes, chunks of mud and hair all over, and infections from being gelded during fly season. Their halters were crusted into their skin. One had severe arthritis and could barely bend his legs. They were wild and terrified of people.

We named them Abu and Murphy. And began to work with them daily. Eventually we roped them in and Semper Fi Farrier Service worked on their hooves. They wanted to be nose-to-nose, and could not be separated.

Murphy started to trust us first. He would let us get closer and closer. Eventually we could touch him. He learned to let us lead him around the barnyard with Abu at his tail. By winter, he would whinny when he saw us coming and flip his lip up. He always had crazy hair sticking all over the place. Murph was a hoot and he was so funny. He passed away that winter. He was arthritic and slipped on ice. His heart couldn't handle the trauma. We were with him in his last moments. Abu stood over him, too.

After Murphy passed, Abu went from semi-tame to wild again. He didn't have his buddy anymore. He stayed far away from all people and would only let kids approach him. Then, baby Benjamin the donkey joined the farm and he took Abu in as his new buddy. Abu opened back up and let us touch him again. We worked so hard to teach him to lead on halter. Now he sees that red halter and he puts his face right in. He loves walks! He is so gentle around kids, and lets them sit on his back. He knows which ones want to go fast and which ones are nervous. He has made so much progress. He still has his shy days, and we never force him to halter up during public events. Benjamin is still his best friend.

Abu has been on supplements and his coat looks amazing now. His hooves may never be "normal" again, but we'll continue to work with him on his health and socialization.

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