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Fainting Goat

Lucy was the first baby born on the farm. She and her brother Ricky were born a few months after we took in their mama Nicki. Nicki rejected Lucy and tried to throw her out of the pen with her horns. We bottle raised Lucy until she grew big enough to be in the barn. She and Finny bonded and spent most of their time together, being the misfits of the goats. Lucy has always had a princess attitude. She pushes other goats, headbutts the dogs out of her way, and does not like to share. We were worried about how she would act as a mama when she eventually got pregnant, but she was one of the best mamas we have had. She was very protective of her baby Mei and kept her safe from everyone.

Lucy likes people and will lean against your leg gently as a way to say, "I'm right here. You can pet me." She is not as clingy as other goats in the herd. She has a unique voice that our family can recognize when she calls out. She still knows the people who raised her, as goats know who their families are. They sleep together, eat together, and hang out near each other.

We hope Lucy will get a chance to be a mama again and are excited to watch her grow in our herd.

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