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Fainting Goat

Linda came in our original herd back in 2021. She is the matriarch of the goat herd, and our oldest goat. Linda has had many kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids in her lifetime, and they are the most beautiful goats.

She has the fainting mutation, which causes stiff "sawhorse" legs when spooked or excited. Fainting or myotonic goats don't actually pass out. It is a muscle response that affects their lower body. They get back up in a few seconds and continue on with their day.

Lindy has learned to trust us, and we do not intentionally spook her to watch her fall. She does, however, get fainty legs when running in for dinnertime. The older they get, fainting goats often learn how to stay upright when fainting. She will sometimes run with all her legs straight when she is excited. Lindy has some arthritis in her joints, too, due to her age. She doesn't tip often, but when she does, she sometimes needs a little extra help getting back up. Her favorite place to hang out is on the mini trampoline. She is always surrounded by her kids and grandkids. Goats know who their family is, and the bonds last forever.

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