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Angus Cow

Lemon arrived at the farm on the same day that the Positively Lemonade girls held a lemonade stand fundraiser. They chose her name, and it fits her well. She was pretty shy when she first got here. She was bonded to a tiny pony with dwarfism named Daisy. She was very protective of her little Daisy and would shield her from everyone. When Daisy passed away, Lemon started to get more comfortable around people. She let us scratch her head and feed her treats.

Lemon was born with dwarfism, but was able to feed on her own. She grew up to the size she is today, and won't get any bigger. Her rear leg bones are curved and she has scoliosis, but she gets around pretty well. She lays down more than most cows, but she needs to take breaks from standing on those bent legs. Lemon loves treats like animal crackers, carrots, and corn. She has had ups and downs with her health, but we make sure she is not in pain. We are prepared to make tough decisions when the day comes, but for now, Lemon will enjoy her life on pasture with the other cows. They may leave her behind sometimes, but she doesn't mind.

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