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We took in Benjamin after a farmer nearby needed to rehome him. He was just a baby at the time, but a big one! He rode in the minivan for the short drive home, and spent many hours working on socializing. We tied his halter to a pole and stood by him, petting his face and touching his feet. It took weeks, but Benjamin is now a pretty social guy. He's got those big eyes and sweet face, but he can be sweet one minute and naughty the next. He is a crowd favorite, with his tall giraffe-like legs, and long long ears. He has a loud Heehaw that you can hear if you walk up to the barn without saying Hi to him. He may have some Mammoth donkey in him, but his mom was a standard. He loves carrots or a sweet treet every once in awhile.

Donkeys are a committment and we plan to have Benji around for his lifetime.

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