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Barn Tours and Field Trips

Barn Tours and Field trips are part of our fundraising efforts for the sanctuary. Your group will meet the animals and learn their stories. Get up close and personal with the species around the farm. Ask questions and learn about their care. Walk the nature trail or take a ride out to the pasture for some fresh air. Depending on the season, you may come across wildflowers, mulberries, and maybe even see some of the wildlife that live around the farm. Groups usually spend 1-2 hours on the farm, depending on age and interest. 

Hourly Group Rates:

1-20 Guests: $100 

21-40 Guests: $200

41-60 Guests: $300

Maximum of 3 hours

*Due one day before event.

Sponsor Rates:


Sponsors are welcome to visit year-round.*

*Please book in advance, including date, time, and number of guests. 

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