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Our Core Values

Teaching respect for all animals

Our Story

How it all started.

Since 2021, we have grown from a family hobby farm to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to support animals in need, show them love and kindness, and advocate for the respect of animals of all species. 

We started with chicks and ducklings. Then came the goats. We purchased a breeding herd of fainting goats, most of whom still live on the farm. We learned to trim hooves, give vaccinations, and mix the proper ratio of feed. Gideon the donkey was our first real rescue in need, he was a senior with bad hooves, broken crest, and weight issues. Rabbits came in pairs, kittens that nobody wanted, two piglets, guinea keets and guinea pigs.

From there, word spread and we became the place to bring broken and unwanted animals. Before any new species are accepted, tons of research goes into learning their care and needs. We work with three veterinarians, as well as mentors who raise specific types of livestock. 

Our permanent residents are animals that belong to the family. These animals have found their forever home and are part of the Sanctuary. Whether they are seniors, have special needs, or are simply companions, they are all part of advocating for the respect and care of animals. Some are part of our welcome crew and a lot of them enjoy being animal advocates.

Our temporary residents are animals who can be placed in new homes. Each animal that arrives at the farm is evaluated, case by case, by a group of individuals who work directly with them. Some need time to heal and learn to trust people. And some are just looking for the right family. All surrenders join the farm with hopes of finding a forever home. The goal is one final move.

Our fundraising efforts include Open Barn Events, Pop-up Petting Zoos, Special Events, Patreon sponsors, and Private Tours.

Recycled Paper

Our Name

Finny Mini Farm

​Finnegan "Finny" was a Nigerian Dwarf goat we raised from just 5 days old. He grew up in our home, and was bottle fed by the family. Finny spent a lot of his time being held on our laps, taking naps together in the hammock, and riding on the lawnmower when we cut the grass. Finny enjoyed people so much, he would jump right into visitors' cars, and even the mailman's truck!

When we moved him to the barn, Finny would use Pumbaa pig as a trampoline to jump over the fence to go look for Mama. If he couldn't find her, he would end up spending the night in the chicken coop. In the morning, we would see his little head poke out of the coop door and hear his little hum "mm mm mm" greeting. 

One day, before Finny's first birthday, our family came home from church to find a loose dog on the property, and Finny's body in the snow. We were so heartbroken to lose our boy.  He rests up on the hill that overlooks the barn and the pasture. The farm is named after our sweet, naughty little goat, who was so friendly and trusted everyone he met. Finny taught us so much about life and love. We continue to rescue animals in memory of him.

We chose "Mini Farm" because we never intended to be a petting zoo. We also had no idea how big we would grow as a farm. The original plan was 6 chickens and 2 goats. We weren't even planning to use the hundred year old barn! That barn has served us this far, but is in major need of repair. I dream that someday we will be able to build a new, fully accessible, building to fit our needs (complete with public bathrooms!)

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